Poron Full Length Trim to Fit Insoles

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Poron Full Length Trim to Fit Insoles

100 % made from Poron foam. 

Durable, high performance shock absorption Poron highly regarding for its shock absorbing qualities outperforming; vinyl sponge, neoprene sponge, sponge rubber, latex foam and solid viscoelastic.

The Poron material is a microporous polyurethane foam which also absorbs moisture and sweat away from socks and feet. Its flat layer fits comfortably into slim or tighter fitting footwear while giving superior bounce to cushion effectively the 'stepshock' walking and running and other strenuous activities. 


Choose from :


  • Poron Dual Layer 

    This high performance urethane combines the curability and shock absorbing qualities of Poron 4000 ( Grey / High Performance ) with the softness and comfort of Poron 94 ( Pink / Slow Memory ) resulting in a superior dual layer foam.

  • Poron 96 – Patina / Diabetic ( Medical Grade Slow Memory ) **

    Enhanced cushioning for diabetics. Poron Medical Slow Recovery urethane is a unique custom contouring material. Rebounds slowly when compressed, resulting in a custom fit.
    Poron 4000 firmness offers high-energy return and an excellent impact absorption for demanding work/outdoor, athletic and casual applications.

  • Poron 94 Pink ( Slow Memory ) **

    Sets a new level of advanced underfoot comfort technology. This new material is a softer, lighter Poron with slower rebound properties.

    Poron Green has the same properties and application as the Poron Grey, yet also offers anti-microbial protection. Unlike standard anti-odour insoles, Poron 4400 urethane stops the growth of odour causing bacteria and fungus including fungus that causes athlete’s foot. Poron Performance Cushioning Materials now contain ‘Microban’ antibacterial protection.

  • Poron 4708 – Blue ( Medical Grade )

    Specially developed for the footcare industry. Blue Poron 4708 has passed numerous medical assessments for biological response.

  • Poron XRD  - Yellow ( Extreme Impact Protection) 

    90% Shock, absorbing, soft and flexible to touch. These insoles are contouring and breathable and should maintain their performance for the life of the product.


**Special order item. May take longer to ship. 


All poron insoles can be trimmed to fit to custom sizes.